Tuesday, March 15, 2016

More on melons

Still a few hot days to go but it is getting easier with the days shortening so there are less hot hours in the day. I haven't done much the last few days that is worth writing about, just trying to deal with mice getting into the drying corn in the shed and picking pumpkins.

I have started giving away pumpkin pieces to people who will let me know what they think of them. It is a good way to get a heap of opinions on some of the different varieties I grew this year. it will be an interesting experiment. I am giving people pieces of - Violina, Winter Luxury Pie, Oregon Homestead Sweetmeat, and Strawberry crown.

 My pumpkins and melons are putting on a last effort and are producing a heap of new fruits. I love this time of year when they do that. Our season is long enough that I can get two harvests out of most cucurbits.

Many of my melons and pumpkins are getting powdery mildew which is surprising as it is so early this year, and our weather has not been particularly humid.

This is 'Apple' melon which is one of my favourites. It has white flesh that has the taste and texture exactly like nashi pear.

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