Saturday, March 12, 2016

Getting ready for autumn

Things are starting to get busy now. With most of the corn picked I am cutting it down and laying it in the rows for the broad beans to grow up through. I will start planting the broad beans next month.

The water meters were read yesterday so the bills should come Monday or Tuesday - they are very quick to ask for their money, lol. I will be glad to pay them and get that out of the way. I just hope that this hot, dry weather doesn't keep up much longer so I can stop watering.

 I have been very pleased with the waxy (also known as glutinous or sticky) corn. With it coping so badly with the heat I wasn't expecting much but I did read that it is particularly resistant to the silks drying out and this summer certainly put that to the test. Every cob is filled so it is certainly true.

I grew both black and dark purple varieties this year in adjoining beds but there does not seem to have been any crossing as all the cobs so far have been either fully black or fully purple.

I was complaining that the hot weather has decimated my oca this year but I have learned that a thick layer of weeds in the beds has saved some plants by acting like a living mulch. At least I have managed to save a few of this years seedlings.
It will be interesting to see how much struggling with weeds will affect their production.

 With the very early start to the hot weather my tamarillos are fruiting better than they have before as there have been flowers opening all the time so whenever there was a break in the heat at least a few flowers got pollinated and didn't abort.

The first ones are starting to show a little purple splotching so it won't be too long till they are ripe. The plants are still flowering and setting fruit even now.

I have started sowing some seed in trays ready to plant out early next month and they are starting to germinate now.
I have a heap of beds ready for them but still a LOT more to go. It will be full on work getting things ready for winter veggies from now on.

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