Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wax gourds and more

Today I have been busy cleaning out my van and readying it for the big 'Backyard Feast' market in Warrnambool on Saturday. The weather looks like it will be fins and I am really looking forward to it. I have bought a Paypal reader to be able to take cards and paypal so it might be a bit more convenient for my customers.

Since it is a long drive I will go over tomorrow afternoon and stay in Warrnambool overnight.

A new crop for this year is Wax Gourd (wax melon, winter melon and a heap of other names). This variety is 'Canton Giant'.
I picked the first three today, two for seed and one as to go in my vegetable display for the market. The ones I have are pretty big as you can see by my boot in the picture. They are mostly hollow though so not as heavy as they look.

They are very popular in Asia for various dishes immature and ripe but I didn't have enough fruits to taste an immature one though.

Here is one I cut open. It is nice that it is easy to take out the seeds, and then cut up the flesh. It tastes like sweet, chewy cucumber, although it is supposed to be much sweeter when immature. I actually liked it though the texture is interesting. I would think that it would go quite well sliced thin on 'cucumber' sandwiches, as well as the traditional uses in soups and stews.

I will try to get seeds of a smaller variety for growing next year as I would guess that smaller ones would be preferable to most people.

I have almost finished harvesting the Painted Mountain corn and have just started on the 'Anasazi'. I should leave the cobs on the plants until they are thoroughly dry but I pick them with just a touch of green on the husk because I am a bit paranoid that the cockies will find them - it is better to have a bit of corn that come over one morning and find the whole lot wiped out.

I am not going to get anywhere near the harvest I wanted and if it is too bad it will not be worth the freight up to the buyer so I am wondering what I am going to do with it if I am stuck - maybe offer it to a closer seed seller perhaps. Or maybe I could just go to more markets and try to sell more of it that way.

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