Monday, February 1, 2016

Cooler days and relieved veggies

With about ten days of cooler weather all the veggies are looking a lot happier. I know there is at least 6 weeks of summer weather to go but it is almost feeling like autumn, I even went out early this morning and dug over all the empty beds in one of my blocks. I am itching to get my autumn veggies in.

My mouse melons are starting to get to picking stage. These are the cutest little cucumbers. Very slow to get going but when they do they grow like crazy.

I don't have a lot of plants in but I will collect the seeds of all of them.

You know I have been complaining a bit about my lotus, well, I tried growing some from seed with no success last year and threw a few left over seed into one of my water chestnut baths.
I notice that one of them is growing so maybe this one will be a large type.

I hope it survived the water chestnut harvesting.

I have been harvesting my Zatta melons. These are a true cantaloupe from Italy and it is really delicious.
My plants aren't bearing well because of the heat but I am so glad to have a heap in the fridge to eat. I think my mother is getting sick of the fridge being filled with pieces of melon - it happens every year.

These are an ugly meon ( the Italian name translates into English as 'Ugly but good') but I think they are beautiful in their wartiness.

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