Monday, February 15, 2016

Bushfoods course and Toga eggplant

Over the weekend I took a group of people on a bushfoods camping course. We went down to the coast to identify and taste various native plant foods, then made our way up the Glenelg river to spot some more waterside plants.

We stopped off for lunch at Dartmoor and took our food down to the river to put in yabby traps.

Of course, a couple of the guys decided that waiting on the bank wasn't exciting enough so skinny dipping and climbing on trees seemed a better idea, lol.

Of course, all the splashing didn't encourage the yabbies to come out so we went on our way without catching any.

We made camp and cooked macaroni cheese and the bananas with marshmallows and choc bits roasted in the campfire went down well.

The next day we spent time wading in the river which is nearly dry here, and finding edible water plants. We even tried our hands at working grasstree resin which the Aborigines used to glue their spearheads to the shafts. That was a bit of a let down - I think we needed a lot more practice.

Anyway, I have started harvesting my Orangeglo watermelons. This first one which I showed you a post or two ago turned out a bit over ripe but that is better for the seeds anyway.

I have a heap more plants with fruit ripening though.

I put in some Toga eggplant seeds this year as the blurb on the seed site said they are edible as well as ornamental.
After reading about someones experience with cooking them I think they are really just ornamental as they are too seedy and small for eating. Apparently the fruits hang on the branches for a long time so are great for vase and flower displays.

I will collect seeds but I doubt that I will grow them again.

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