Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Autumn is on its way already

Even though the weather has turned hot again after our little rest many of the deciduous trees around town are now showing a noticeable colour change. It is easier to count down the days and know that it is only a few weeks till the heat will be over.
Many of the veggies that came through the summer are showing a lot of stress with the build up of heat over a long period of time.

I picked my first Orangeglo watermelon this morning - over 15 kg. This is my favourite watermelon but I have to admit that the new one for this year 'Japanese Cream Fleshed Suika is a close second.

I am struggling to save the seeds of three other types of watermelons without mixing them up and this makes it harder. They all ripen together :)

I have nearly finished picking the Painted Mountain flour corn and as the beds empty I am digging them to get ready for Autumn planting.
I didn't plant a lot of Painted Mountain but with the neighbours sheep getting in and eating three beds that I really needed I have learnt that I have to put in at least twice as much of everything, just in case.

I will only end up with a quarter of what I need. Oh well, this is a learning year for larger quantities, it will take time to learn how much to put in now that I am not only planting for my own seed.

My Strawberry Crown pumpkins are also ripening now. The sizes of the fruit are all over the place though, not even at all.

The first fruit to set is huge but the rest are only about 3-5kg each. I hope it is as good as I have heard.

I let a few of my Luxury Winter Pie pumpkins grow under the fence of the blocks neighbour - it helps with neighbour relations :)
They really loved this pumpkin and asked me to grow it next to the fence again next year.

I can understand that as it is one of my favourites too, one of the only pumpkins I enjoy eating. I must grow a heap more next year.

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