Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tomatoes and heat tolerance

Today I will list some of the tomatoes I am growing this year, what I think of them and how they are doing in the heat.
I am surprised that, even though they are not bearing well, the tomatoes are standing up to the hear fairly well and I am not having much trouble with blossom end rot this year.

When I describe taste, bear in mind that my nose doesn't work well and since I can't smell well, I also can't taste well. All the ones I am growing have very good reviews for taste from other people.

This is Brads Black Heart.
It is a meaty, brown  red oxheart that has a delicious and hard to describe taste. It is quite soft for such a meaty tomato.
The plant is big and spreading but is not bearing well in the heat. I thought I was only going to get this single fruit but I see that the plant now has a couple more small fruits on it.

Fahrenheit Blues
This cherry tomato has the blackest fruit I have ever seen. The leaves are naturally curled so it looks permanently sick even though it is well.

 My one plant is bearing ferociously and doesn't mind the heat at all.

The fruit are ripe when they go purple red, especially around the stem end.

Green Zebra

These plants are not coping with the heat very well at all.
They are at least bearing though which is better than some others.

Helsing Junction Blues

These plants are bearing well in the heat but the fruits are nowhere near as dark as other pictures on the web show.
This plant is very sprawled and the leaves are a little curled.

Japanese Black Trifele

Doing ok in the heat as long as I cover them with shadecloth on the hottest days. These plants took their time but are starting to set a few fruit now.
The fruit are pear shaped and dark orange with green shoulders. The taste is superb and low acid but with an unusual mild spiciness.

 Speckled Roman

Only a few fruit on the plants at the moment but the fruit look pretty special.
I have just picked the first ripe one so I haven't tasted it yet.
The bushes are neat and not too big.
Verde Claro

This little grape sized tomato tastes soooo good with a very unusual flavour. This is one to plant even if you don't like other cherry tomatoes.
The two plants I have are not bearing well but that might change if we get a few days of cooler weather.

Vintage Wine

This is the best producing tomato of all the ones I am growing this year and the fruits look magnificent with their gold stripes. The plants suffer a bit when the temps reach close to 40C but still keep setting fruit.
The fruits are a med size beefsteak with dense, meaty flesh and few seeds. The taste is a strong, real tomato flavour.

Other tomatoes I have in but are not bearing are: Pineapple and German Johnston, and one or two other that I can't remember the names of at the moment.


  1. Better than nothing Ro. The silly weather these past few months have been a real trail and I tips me hat to you.

  2. Dear Rowan,

    I'm very interested in the Fahrenheit Blues. Has it got a determinate or indeterminate habit?

  3. How come you never reply to the comments you receive ?

  4. Sorry, I do try to reply to comments but sometimes I don't catch them.
    J.sparwasser - It seems to be determinate.

  5. Sorry, I do try to reply to comments but sometimes I don't catch them.
    J.sparwasser - It seems to be determinate.