Sunday, January 24, 2016

Quick update and wax melons

After an inch of rain a couple of days ago and a predicted week with only one day over 30 degrees things are looking a lot perkier. It came just in time for the mini popcorn which has suddenly started to put up a lot of flowers so I am hopeful for good pollination at long last.

It was not enough to soak in, but boy is feels good.

Another new vegetable for this year is wax melon, also known as winter melon or wax gourd (Benincasa hispida). Luckily these plants are loving the heat and have a few fruits on them.

It is a savoury cucurbit that can be stored up to a year. It is used in Asia in stir fries, soups and curries. Apparantly is is mild flavoured like zucchini with the texture of watermelon.

I would be surprised if it couldn't be a substitute for citron (jam melon) and if it can I might grow it for that instead of citron which would cross with my watermelons.

I have finally picked my first Green Bosnian for this season. This is one of my favourite melons and I almost ran out of seed as I had no luck with melons last year. I am glad they are bearing well this year now as I love this melon.

The only downside to this melon is that it is very difficult to tell when it is ripe. The melon pictured here is over-ripe as you can see by the darker patched in the flesh.
Unfortunately all the indicators for other melons don't work for this one so it takes practice to know when to pick them. Luckily they are still good to eat when a little over ripe.

I ahould be starting to pick the earliest mini popcorn and anasazi corn in the next week or so. I will post pics of them then, I am always excited by coloured corn.

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