Thursday, January 28, 2016

Growing mini popcorn

If you have been reading this blog often you will have read about the trouble I have been having with my mini popcorn. It was suffering badly in the heat and I wasn't sure I would have any harvest from it at all. The good news is that we have had a week of lower temperatures and it has gone mad.

It has suddenly started to green up and putting out flowers everywhere. It is fun to see how 'furry' the plants look with all the female flowers out at once.

Each stem of the mini blue popcorn has 4 female flowers on it and a couple of tillers with a flower or two themselves. With the cooler weather I expect that they will all be pollinated well.

Here is a pic of the mini blue popcorn, with a couple of popped kernels. The kernels are tiny but cute.

 I planted a couple of beds with a mix of three mini popcorns: ivory (pictured), strawberry, and blue in the hope that I would get some multi coloured ears.
Unfortunately the ivory popcorn flowered way before the others so it will be pure. I have picked a couple of its ears but it will not really be ready for a couple more weeks.

Last post I showed a picture of Green Bosnian melon. It is my favourite melon of all time. Unfortunately I have since picked a few more of the melons and found that they have been cross pollinated along the way, probably when I almost run out of seed a couple of years ago and had to save seeds from a non hand pollinated plant.
All the fruits so far have had the proper green skin but only the first one had the typical green flesh. All the others had white or orange flesh. I don't know what they were crossed with but it looks like I will be spending the next few years breeding back to true.

Luckily I have another 10 or so plants to pick fruit from so I should get some more good fruit to save seeds from. I am really disappointed but at least I have seeds to go on with as I seem to be the only person growing it now.


  1. Hello,

    Does your company sell seeds Quandong ? What is the price of 1 kg ?

    1. No sorry, I haven't been able to get any quandongs growing so far.

    2. if you can find it for me, I really needed seeds Quandong, I will buy from you

    3. Please use the message box on the top left of my blog to send me your email address and we can work out getting you some quandong seeds :)