Monday, January 11, 2016

Corn and oca heat tolerance

Well, this is certainly turning out to be a trying summer as you all know, lol. I suppose it is good for testing out heat tolerance in my vegetables, which, to be honest, is something I am aiming for.

The oca seedlings from the past couple of years were grown in field conditions this year with less care than found in my home garden. This has really tried them and most are dead now. It is sad to see but my main interest in growing oca was to select them to be able to grow well in hot summers.

I will have a few that will come through which is great but I have also been interested to notice that the plants that have severe weed competition are doing better than those that were well weeded. They are actually growing quite well among the thick running grass.

 I have six corn varieties in and heat hardiness from most hardy to least is: Painted Mountain, Anasazi, Black waxy, Mini blue popcorn, Glass Gem, and the least hardy has been the Peruvian giant white which are all dead now.

This pic is of the Glass Gem. I put a couple of hundred seeds in but they are doing so poorly that I am not sure I will get anu cobs at all off them. The tassles can't even make it out of the curled leaves and the silks die as soon as they emerge.

My Sword beans have been sitting, doing nothing with their two seed leaves/cotyledons for months but now they have suddenly decided to put out some new leaves. I am not sure they will grow enough to mature beans before frost now.

I nearly didn't see these ripe 'Verde Claro' tomatoes but I am glad I picked them this morning. They are absolutely delicious, the taste is unusual and very sweet. It is definitely a grape tomato that I will plant again.

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