Saturday, March 29, 2014

Market day and giant corn

There's not much to talk about today.
I went to the hamilton HIRL market this morning. I like this little market even though the stall prices are atrocious, especialy if you are outside paying the same price as inside stalls but you have to bring your own stiff and be at the mercy of the weather. At every other market I have been to it costs about half to be outside. If the winter is too bad I might have to consider going to the Mt Gambier market instead.

Here is me after selling about half my stuff. I forgot to take the tomatoes which was a bummer but I sold out of almost everything, I didn't have a lot to take in the first place though.

I have a few things left over to take to the Nareen produce swap tomorrow.

On the way back I dropped into the North Boundry Road landscaping supplies because the lady there was asking about selling my plants.
She was very nice and went over her plans and what she hopes to achieve and I think I will pull my stuff from the Ladybug nursery and sell there instead. She is much more flexible and I think I will be able to do better there. I will put some stuff together for her and take them in the middle of next month.

A lady at the market said that they had already got a frost at Hamilton a few days ago so I guess it won't be too long here. My giant Peruvian white corn has been tasselling for two or three weeks but only one plant has put out a female flower. I think it will be too late for the other plants but if I buy more seed for next year I might be able to select for better producing and earlier plants here. It might take a while if I only get one or two early plants a year but it might be interesting to do.

At least I will have one cob to start with this year.


  1. Are you aware that your market apron makes you look like you have huge brightly coloured boobs?

  2. I never realised, lol. It is a picture of a basket of melons.