Monday, January 27, 2014

It's Muntries season again

It is muntries season again and although the day was very hot today my friends and I went down to the coast to pick the fruit for jam, well whatever ones we didn't eat while we were picking anyway. I will dry half the ones I picked for seed.

This local native shrub (Kunzea pomifera) grows as a low groundcover, just crawling along the ground. It produces heaps of delicious, sweet, apple tasting berries right now in the middle of summer.

It was a bit hot to be out in the sun but it didn't take long to pick what we needed. Luckily there are lots of plants growing not too far from here by the sides of the road as well as on the sand dunes.
This picture shows a big mat of plants.

After we finished and then looked at and tasted a few other native food plants we stopped for lunch. My friends have a kitted out vehicle for going away and treated me to sandwiches filled with home grown produce. A perfect end to our foraging.

Damn bad picture of me, it was so sunny that I squinted like this all day.

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