Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bearded iris and first moulded cucumber

It was too hot to do anything outside today, I will go out in an hour and start watering as it cools down for the day. On days like this I tend to spend all day inside, just spending a couple of hours working early in the morning when the sun gets up and again before the sun sets. It makes me feel a bit lazy but I just can't handle the heat. Maybe I should encourage my parents to move down to Tasmania, lol.

A couple of months or so ago I hand pollinated some bearded iris flowers just to see what sort of seedlings I could come up with. My mother has many colourful varieties and it will be fun to see what they make.
The pods are yellowing and starting to wrinkle so it won't be long till I can pick them.
Bearded iris are very easy to hand pollinate, even if you have clumsy hands and are impatient like me. They have been bred so their flowers can't be pollinated naturally so it is good that that they take to hand pollinating so easily.

I picked my first cucumber today (Long White) that I have used a veggie mould on. It has been disappointing to see that the mould can't cope with the pressure of the growing fruit and has started to bulge and get out of shape.
Considering the high cost of these moulds I think they should do a better job. You can see the white lines on the plastic as it stresses and bulges.
It was also difficult to unclip this type of mould with the fruit so tight. I thought I was going to break it.

I also noticed that having the fruit on the ground allows dirt to blow into the moulds as the fruit grows and it gets embedded into the skin and makes it look bad.
I hope the other type of mould I bought with the side pins does a better job of holding its shape.

Although I had big hopes for being able to sell pricier fruits, at this time I am not sure if I will continue to bother with moulds. It depends on how the other types of moulds do and whether the effort is worth it.

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