Sunday, December 1, 2013

watering, markets and seedlings

Sorry I didn't update last night. I generally work very early in the morning (6-12) then rest for the afternoon but if I have to get some watering done or have some other jobs I do it just before dark so sometimes I don't get in til about 9pm this time of year. The last thing I want to do at that time of night is sit in front of the computer.
Because it s not humid here in summer so the risk of disease is less I always water in the evening as the soil and plants have all night to soak up the moisture and recover from hot days. If I water in the morning I run the risk that the water will evaporate before the plants can use it and the plants won't take it up if the weather is too hot as they shut down their systems to protect themselves.

Although the cool spring means that all the heat loving plants are more than a month behind schedule some of them are starting to move now that we have been having some warm days.

My ahipa (pictured) and jicama seeds are starting to germinate. Not many so far but I hope I get quite a few more. The tubers I left in the ground from last winter have not reshot yet. I might have to do a bit of investigating to see if they are still there.

 My corn is still so small but I hope it will take off now with hotter weather on the way. I have had such poor germination and growth with the cold that I will have to wait till next spring to try again for some decent corn to eat and collect seed from.
My, it didn't look that weedy when I took the picture this afternoon.

They are always very slow to germinate but this year even more so. Here are my Mexican sour gherkins. I have grown them next to a row of sunflowers which will give them something to grow on and protect them from the hot summer sun.
I really should have put more of these little gherkings in as they were popular last year.

I went to the Hamilton market yesterday and mostly sold out but I was very disappointed that hardly anyone was interested in the Vivid Choi that I was so proud of. Maybe it was just too different. There is the last market until Feb on the 14th of Dec so I will try again then. Looks like I will have to think about what I will be taking to the Mt Gambier market now that the Hamilton one is on holiday. I have some limitations on what I am allowed to take over the border into SA. Nothing in the tomato or onion families and not soft-skinned fruits but melons are OK.

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  1. May I say how much I love the word 'gherkling'. It is now up there in my vocabulary.