Monday, December 2, 2013

Lost fruit and fuchsias

Today I went out and found that most of my snake beans have been eaten off. It is really annoying and I am blaming either birds or mice at the moment. Luckily I still have time to replant them but I don't have any more red snake bean seeds left so I will have to look after the 5 plants that are still there.

Talking of birds, after a bit of wind blew off the net on my strawberries I went out this afternoon to water and found a flock of starlings feasting on them. At least these will produce more fruit in the next couple of days.

Not much to show - with the poor start to spring causing all the cherries and gooseberries to abort their fruit at least I got a whole handful of redcurrants ripening. Maybe next year we will get more spring frosts to set the fruits. It is a real problem for the cherry farmers in Vic and SA who lost their whole harvest and have no income. I hope they all have other sources of income as well as the cherry trees.

 As I don't have anything else interesting to show here is a couple of pics of my mothers fuchsia and fern shadehouse now that it is full of flower.

This is only a small part, the whole shadehouse is a sight to behold at the moment. There is a sprinkler on the roof to keep it damp and cool in summer so the ferns and other shade loving plants are looking fabulous.

All I have to do now is try to convince here to allow me to grow some of my shade loving veg and fruits in there. Not much hope of that, lol.

She has about 70 cultivars and they are all magnificent.

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