Thursday, December 5, 2013

Disappointed in my licorice

Over the past couple of years I have been puzzled by my licorice plants. I dug and tasted the roots of a couple of them last winter but didn't find them to taste of licorice at all. I figured that I must have tasted them at the wrong time of the year. I got my seeds from two different sources so they should have been the right plant though one looks different to the rest, they all have the right leaves though.

I noticed today that one of the plants is flowering and since the flowers don't look the same as on websites (mine are wheel shaped instead of long) I guess they are not licorice after all. Bummer.

That is a couple of years and waiting down the drain. I think I will pull them out and plant something else in the bed. I don't know if I dare try to get more seeds.

Even if they do turn out to be licorice I am not sure if they are worth bothering with as the roots of mine don't taste of anything special - just root.

Anyway, the weather has been great over the last couple of months with a few days of warm to hot days followed with a few days of cool and showery weather. Apart from the heat loving plants everything is growing great and I am loving it. I can't find anything to complain about which suits me fine.

Today, between showers I put out the last of the soil wetter and weeded the celery. I have all 4 of my coloured celery varieties in now so they should make a good display at the markets. Oh wait, I have three in, I am waiting for the yellow variety to ripen its seed before I can sow more of it. I hate celery but I have to admit that I can eat the yellow one as it is so mild in taste, though it is a touch more stringy than supermarket celery.

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