Thursday, November 21, 2013

Late update and visiting

Sorry I have not posted for a few days. I took the gift of these last few cool days to go and visit my sister before the hot weather hits. Looks like it was just in time as it is predicted to start getting over 30C from wednesday on.

My sister, who is a confirmed black thumb managed to grow some assorted colour beetroot and picked it while I was there. She was so excited at managing to grow some vegetables that she cooked and peeled them (shown) and diced and added pickle to make jars of them for Christmas presents.

She did manage to grow some a few months ago but after cooking them and leaving to cool on the bench her strange cats got in and ate the whole pot of beets. Weird!!!

I suppose it would be a lot easier for her if she didn't have goats, turkeys, ducks, chooks and dogs that also love to 'help' her grow and taste test her veg. And with the horrible soil she has I am astounded that she even got anything grown.

I suppose she will growl at me if I didn't also mention that she did also manage a few pea plants and a bit of parsley behind a fence. You would have laughed if you had seen her attempt to grow peas last year. She planted them in tins and hung them on the clothes line. It looked so funny but it did work, well, until one of the goats worked out how to stretch up there and pull them down. I did actually take a picture of the pots and plants creeping over the clothesline but I just can't find it now.

I went and inspected the blocks when I got back today and everything is looking great. I am going to replant a heap of melon seed tomorrow as many died from the cool weather but that is fine as they will still have plenty of time to ripen. I am safe to plant most cucurbits til Christmas here.

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  1. But sister, you forgot the oregano! My luscious oregano! Viva la Italia!