Saturday, November 16, 2013

Casterton show

Today I did my first stint as judge for the produce at the Casterton show. The produce was pretty good quality this year, well, good for a little country show. They are going to get a shake up next year with guidelines and more prizemoney, and I will be judging again. Last year I was the steward so I got a handle on how things go which made it a lot easier.

I'm hoping that better prizemoney and standards will make people a bit keener to grow and enter their stuff as they will know exactly what is expected as well making it worthwhile to grow some veg just for the show. The show secretary seems very keen to have me shake things up a bit so I hope it works.

I think the eggs are the hardest to judge as they all look the same when the exhibitors choose their eggs well. How do you choose from the 4 best and most uniform dozen eggs? Oh well, I think everyone will be happy with the job I did.

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