Sunday, November 17, 2013

Aimee gone, now I am over-run with helpers

We said goodbye to Aimee today and I have been getting offers every day from other helpers. I made a boo boo, I had the two best potential helpers email to ask to come right now and I said yes to both, accidentally getting them mixed up and the one I said yes to first I have had to email back and ask if he can come after Christmas as I can't feed and house two at he same time.
Both of them are eager to learn urban farming as they both have projects they are interested in starting. I don't have a heap of work but I won't turn anyone away who is eager to learn.

I have beans popping up all over the place now with the weather becoming a bit more stable. These are my 'blue speckled tepary' beans. They are supposed to be drought and heat tolerant so should be good in our summers. Reviews say that they are very tasty as dry beans.

My walking onions are going gangbusters and producing topsets all over the place, some are four stories tall now. I seem to be getting quite a collection of aliums, I don't know why. I just pick them up everywhere I go and I have a whole 1/3 of the Back block made up of beds of different ones now.

I think I have enough now and I have to force myself to say no to more gifts of onion types. I already have a heap of types of garlic, chives, onions, etc. and I don't use them. I hope they will sell at markets. At least the beds on that side are small and I am not wasting that much room on them.

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  1. Dear Rowan,

    If I were younger, I'd move to Australia to be one of your helpers!!!