Friday, February 8, 2013

Things are looking up

The weather has been a bit hot but not too bad. A windy day blew off some of my covers on the melons so a couple got sunburnt but not as bad as it could have been. I have so many melons that I will go to the local Sandford market on Sunday to see if I can offload some. I don't think my CSA customers would like me to fill their boxes with melons, lol.

I am still having trouble getting the seedlings up in about 10 beds so I am giving up on them and going to totally remake those beds - more manure, digging and replanting. I have a heap of seed to put in so it will be good to get it in. I have to start thinking of getting veggies in to take me through the winter so I don't end up with no vegetables to sell like what happened last spring. Lesson learned.

I have been keeping an eye on a volunteer melon plant that came up where I had melons planted last year. The first fruit just ripened this morning and it is the weirdest melon I have ever seen.

It tasted good, not great but acceptable. I will save some seeds and grow it again next year to see how it does. There are another 4 fruits on the plant which will ripen soon. I can only guess that one of the parents was 'Banana' but I don't have a clue as to the other.

It will be fun to see if I can stabilise it, and then think of a name.

I just delivered my veggie boxes to my customers this evening and one lady told me how delighted she was to find a stick insect in her box. I don't use pesticides so it is not unusual for customers to find ladybugs in the vegetables but this is the first stick insect.

Well, I will post again after the Sandford market to tell you how I went but I don't think it is the type of market that my sort of vegetables will do well at. Can't hurt to try though.

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