Monday, February 4, 2013

Over-run with melons

Well, I got back from my three days away helping at the Colac Heritage Festival and found that most of my melons had ripened while I was away. I did expect it but it was stilla sight and it took two wheelbarrow loads to bring most of them back. I will have to go to the Mt Gambier market on saturday to sell them as there are way too many to put in my veggie boxes.

Luckily the weather was cool so I didn't have to worry too much about the vegetables but I did leave early yesterday so I could get home before dark to water the seedling beds. I had a great time. The festival is a great event each year and we had the most amount of working donkeys there that we have had so far.

A few new ones this year like Zatta and Cesme had ripe fruits on them and I quickly got them in to taste. This year there hasn't been any that I haven't liked so far.

Zatta melon

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