Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update and lots to do

The weather has cooled down a bit today, and will be even cooler tomorrow. It is a lovely reprieve. I expect the cucurbits will love the chance to recuperate before the hot weather comes again.

I am getting a few veggies ready to pick - mainly beets, silverbeet and of course, zucchini so I reserved a stall site at the weekly Rotary market in Mt Gambier on saturday. The stall sites are cheap so I hope I have a great day.

My bad... I got on the computer and bought a heap of seeds. Well, they will go to growing out more seed as I am getting a few enquiries for bulk seed and the local homewares store is happy for me to have a rack of seed in there. Maybe more of my income will come from seed sales rather than fresh veggies.Oh, how I love getting seeds in the mail  :)

I bought many packets of scorzonera seed. This is a delicious vegetable and should be more widely known. It is a bit of a pain to handle, but not a lot more than having to peel potatoes for example. With scorzonera it is easier to cook it before peeling. I hate peeling hot vegetables and getting my fingers burnt. Lucky for them they are so tasty or I wouldn't bother.
I hope they sell well at the market.

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