Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slow market and some cool at last

I took a bit of stuff to the Rotary market in Mt Gambier yesterday. It was very slow with not mnay customers about but I did sell most of what I had - all except the zucchini anyway. The people in Mt Gambier are not as adventurous as in Hamilton but I will keep going to that market a couple of times a month once my veggies are growing again. They just need a bit of educating.

I was surprised a how many people were wary of different coloured zucchini and beetroot. They are very reluctant to try anything new, but that will give me an edge over the other veggie sellers there I think as many people asked when I will be back. I recon thay just need to mull a bit about strange new food.
Even the other vegetable sellers didn't do any good yesterday which was a surprise as they usually sell out fast. It is a good sign for me for when things pick up next month.

I am relishing the cooler weather at the moment and some of the melons are perking up. I think they might start to put out a few more flowers if it doesn't get too hot again for a while. We will be having one really hot day on thursday but it is just for one day. I am beginning to think though that I will be paying a lot for water for the next few months. It doesn't pay to skimp on watering so I will have to sell a lot more to pay for it.

It is sad to see the poor plants suffering but will a bit of cool and water they will come back. The cucumbers and zucchini were hit particularly hard by the heat.

I bought some notebooks and am planning my planting and harvesting for the next year. it will be interesting to see how acurate I will be. I think I won't be too far out as I have had a year of practice now.

Will take some pictures for you tomorrow.

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