Friday, January 25, 2013

MMMmmmelons coming out my ears

Picked a wheelbarrow full of melons this morning. Some will be going out in my veggie boxes this afternoon and the watermelons will be stored in the garage to sell later. I have a few hand pollinated ones to save seeds from. Whew, even mum is complaining about all the melon she has to eat to keep the fridge manageable - and it is still only the start of picking.

The ugly yellow one at the front is Prescott Fond Blanc. It is delicious even if it does look like a pumpkin on the outside.
Unfortunately I planted all my green fleshed melons on P block where none are doing well due to me not getting rid of the running grass well enough. I love green fleshed melons, they taste so much better. next year I will plan that better.

With the cooler weather for the next week I will be working very hard to get everything back on track. I have already been out harvesting carrot seed, weeding and sowing seed. I will dig a few more beds tomorrow for the autumn/winter vegetables.

I am going to put in a few rows of native vegetables to trial them. First is yam daisy, muntries, pigface and also, when the seed is ripe enough to pick, kurrajong. I love kurrajong root. Most people only know it as street trees but you can grow them like carrots and eat the sweet roots at 5 months.

This is only a seedling kurrajong and it was in a pot which is why the root is bent. The roots are delicious, all you do is peel and eat or cook. I have some other native foods in and will evealuate them as they are ready to eat.
Here are some native muntries berries that I picked a week ago. They are delicious and I have half a dozen plants in the ground. If they grow well they should fruit next year.

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