Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot, Hot, HOT

Oh boy, I am roasting. We are having a heat wave of 40 degrees plus for most of the near future, luckily there will be a break tomorrow and the next day with only 30 degrees. I hate hot weather. I am lucky that Marie was here yesterday to do the watering while I spent all day attending a funeral in Geelong.

It is too hot to do anything except water in the morning and again just before sunset. I have lost a few plants and if this weather keeps up I may lose all my different kiwifruits, even the more mature ones. They just can't handle the heat even with water. Luckily the melons and pumpkins can cope as long as they have water. I think one of my watermelons is about ripe enough to be picked. I have all the developing fruits covered with pieces of cardboard to save them from the sunburn disaster of last year and it is working. I just have to hope that I don't get any strong winds to blow them off. I have the cardboard pinned down with pieces of wire but that won't be enough in high wind.

It will be a little while before I will know if my seedlings have been watered enough to germinate, I am getting a bit worried that many of them are not poking their heads up yet. It could be the heat and dry, or that may have been sown a little too deep. I will wait and see for the next week before I think about replanting.

I had almost given up hope because they were so late but I notice that my ginger and Chinese keys plants are shooting now. It will be interesting to see if I can get them to survive the winter. I think that if I can get them growing strong enough they might be big enough to survive when it comes.

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