Thursday, January 31, 2013

A bit of rain - no need to water *whew*

As I am typing this I can hear the glorious sound of rain on the roof. It is wonderful and I won't have to water the seedling beds this afternoon. Maybe it will rain enough that I won't have to water till after the weekend - wishful thinking .

I am going away for the weekend to the Colac Heritage Festival to help with the working donkey display so it really puts my mind at rest to have this bit of rain.I love helping out there but it is such a worry with the vegetables at this time of year.

Picked some Cavaillon Espagnol melons and Golden midget watermelons this morning, and this afternoon my first Zatta melon should be ready to pick. I have been looking forward to that one.

Golden Midget watermelon. These watermelon are pretty seedy like all the small types but tastes ok. I love the way it turns yellow when it is ripe so you know when to pick it.

The cavaillon Espagnol melons are sweet and have creamy,soft flesh. They are not my favourite melons but they are still pretty yummy.

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