Thursday, December 27, 2012

Melons growing and some sad news

I'll get the sad news over with first. A great friend of mine was killed last night when he had his donkey in harness and the donkey took fright tipping him out of the cart. A very sad loss to the Australian donkey world where he and his wife made a lifetime of difference and did more good than most people ever do. I have known them for many years. I will of course be taking some time off to go to the funeral when I hear when it is. I will miss you Hans.


The melons are starting to set well. Here is a picture of my melon patch as it is now. A big difference from the picture of a few posts ago.:

The first to ripen will be Blacktail Mountain watermelon and Emerald Gem melon. See how I am experimenting with rind scarring on the Emerald Gem. The Blacktail Mountains are so productive, they have heaps of fruit on them and are showing no signs of stopping.

I also picked my first cucumber and Marie and I have been busy digging new beds ready to put some seeds in tomorrow. I will put in some more carrots and some 'Tongue of Fire' beans, and I got some new cucumber seeds in the mail today so I might put a few of them in as it is not too late.

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