Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lazy days and watching the garden grow

Took a day off to be lazy today. Just did all the watering and melon pollinating then did stuff all for the rest of the day. Marie got a bit bored with me not telling her what to do so I got her to bag up some seeds to sell at the markets.
I did go out and up-end a pot of native water ribbons that I had let dry out and die down (Triglochin sp) to see how many tubers they had. I was a bit disappointed as I thought they would have at least a kilo but it was a fair bit under that. They were planted in a 66 litre container. I think this is the way to grow them but I will have to find some that produce better. As they are an un-domesticated plant I think I will be able to do that with some scrounging around in the river and local dams.
The tubers are sweet and nice to eat raw or cooked. It is a native food plant that might have some potential as a domesticated vegetable I think.

We are sort-of on top of the worst of the weeds, with our work, and mostly because of the dry weather stopping them from growing so it mainly the watering that has to be done regularly now. There is no rain forcast for the forseeable future so the seedlings need watering twice a day and the others every couple of days or so. I have been waiting for the new seeds that were put in about ten days ago to germinate but I have a feeling that my helpers might have planted them a bit too deeply. No worries, I will just replant.

I will have to go out tomorrow and take some pics to post before the day gets too hot. I never remember to take my camera out with me.

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