Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas cheer

It is a quiet Christmas this year with sisters and their family too far away to be here. We were lucky to have one of my sisters and her husband able to visit yesterday with their children. We have never had a Christmas day before with just my parents and me, it is so quiet today. We don't really celebrate Christmas as such but use the day to catch up and spend time with those we love.

The plants don't take the day off so I still had to pollinate the melons and do a heap of watering but I refused to do anything else, it can all wait an extra day. As I watered I saw that a lot of seeds were almost ready to pick which is great as when I take the plants out I can fill up with sowing more seeds that need to go in. I have a heap of seeds like celtuce, beetroot and carrots that need beds right now so they will be ready when the Hamilton market starts again.

I am having trouble with my new bed of amaranth. The seeds are so small that I am having trouble keeping the soil wet enough for them to germinate properly in the heat and I think the ants have carried away most of the seeds. Only a few plants have come up so I think I will try sowing them in a flat next time to see if that works better. I really want to push amaranth as it is so good that I want all my customers to try it.

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