Friday, March 9, 2018

Things are slowing down

With most of the summer crops harvested, what little there was of them, I am able to have a bit of a rest now. I do have a couple of melon beds ripening and a pumpkin, as well as the capsicums, but it won't take long to do them.

 With Autumn here the chufa is just starting to die off now. in another, probably three weeks, I will be able to pull them up. I have five varieties growing this year.

They all did pretty well so it will be interesting to see how they perform, and the differences.

I got busy with the ride on and mulched all the corn that died in the heat wave. As soon as it looks like we will be getting some rain I will dig it in.
I will be planting some broad beans in here next month, or when it is a bit damper.

Last year I planted diploid potatoes and they did very well in the heat, flowering, producing seed pods and tuberising.

This year I have tetraploides in and they just hate the heat. They are only just starting to tuberise and flower after we have had ten days of milder temps, and none of the flowers are setting.
Hopefully they will have enough time when the weather cools down next month to set at least a few flowers.

A few days ago I went out in the morning and saw a flock of rainbow parakeets on my sorghum. During the night it was very windy and blew the bird netting off the plants, and the birds had stripped the lot.
There were still a couple of covered plants but the birds had ripped holes in the netting to get to the seed heads.

There are still a couple of heads with seed on them left so I have wrapped them tightly in insect netting to keep the parrots off and I hope it will be enough because I don't have any of that seed left, and I am not sure it can be found anywhere else in the country. I can't pick these heads yet as they are not mature enough to ripen the seed after picking.

Next year I will put up permanent bird netting for the sorghum. I think that if it is well above the seed they parrots won't bother trying to get through it.

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