Saturday, March 3, 2018

New bulbs, seed trays and more

I have been working hard getting beds ready and planting the winter veg. I decided to put in a few brassicas just in case it is a dry one, but no big deal if the winter and spring is wet and I lose them as I have plenty of seed.

 I decided to buy $120 worth of bulbs to plant in the front yard of our house. My mother is really annoyed at how bare it is and weedy so we have decided on bulbs that die down so at least we get some time to weed it before they come on again.

There is everything from double daffodils to Freesias, to Dutch crocus to sparaxis and some others to make a bright spring display.

As they grow and get crowded I will replant some of the best over at the seed farm in a couple of beds for some supplemental income in the future.

A few months ago I bought this mesh rack to dry small amounts of seed indoors. It is great.

On sunny days I can just take a rack or two out to dry on the verandah if I need to or place it in front of the air conditioner when needed. I don't know how I coped without it, well, yes I do - I used to have plates of seed spread all around the kitchen. Now they are all in one place.

It makes drying small amounts so easy and neat. I think I might buy a couple more for next year.

The mesh is fine enough that I can just spread out seed on them as it is, like corn, melons or pumpkin.

At last the giant tomatillos 'Plaza Latina' are ripening. They are so late this year, and the plants didn't do well due to the low night temps up til Jan.

I love these. The flavour is mild but still good enough for all tomatillo uses, and everyone is amazed by the size of them - pity they don't produce many seeds. Again I will only get enough seed to put into a few packets for the markets, not enough to sell in bulk.

I have been thinking lately of ways to expand my income without making too much extra work. I think I would like to try dried flowers as I have the roof space in the old shearing shed on the property to hang them, and slatted floors for extra drying space. I just can't find any info to check out if there is an actual market for them though. next week I might talk to a couple of florists to find out their opinions.
I thought I might like to put a few beds into fresh flowers like calla lilies (I love the pretty hybrids), gladioli, and zinnias, but again, I have to see if the market is there and it might be far too expensive to transport them to the nearest markets/florists.

Lots to think about.

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