Saturday, February 3, 2018

Red Swan bean and damn cockatoos

Well, we are back to hot weather again, another 6 weeks or more before autumn kicks in. I hate the heat.

 Although they are all picked now, here is a picture of Red Swan beans. The bushes are always so tiny but they bear profusely. It is a shame that the red colour goes green when cooked.

I planted a few this year because they were one of the varieties that cope with a fair amount of heat.

Since they had died down I pulled up all the 'Phoenix' nasturtium to get the seed, and found that although they flowered so well they didn't produce seed - I only ended up with a dozen seed, barely over the amount of plants I had.

I am really disappointed.

Small Potato cucumber.
These are always so sickly and fall victim to powdery mildew early every year I only get enough seed to plant the next year.

Since they mostly die before bearing fruit I only get to harvest seed from the toughest. This year they all grew, fruited and didn't get powdery mildew at all so finally I should have seed that I can be confident of every year.
I still didn't get much seed because the heat got them but it looks like I will be able to do a lot better next year. Goes to show that only keeping seed from the toughest works out well.

Cockatoos got into my young 'Sunshine' watermelons and chewed up nearly the lot. They missed a couple that were hidden under some tomato plants so at least I will get a little seed.
This is the first time I have had this trouble so I will have to watch out for it in the future.

At least this was the only variety affected.

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