Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lots of digging, and long days

I have been taking advantage of there being a few cool days to get some digging and planting done. I don't like digging the soil when it is so dry but I thought that if I get it dug earlier this year and water it I could get a lot of the weeds up before I plant most of my winter veg and it would help with weed control later.

 I Started planting some garlic yesterday. I am planting it at wider spacings than I usually do in the hope that it will make weeding easier. Worth a shot anyway.

My main garlic is being planted at 25cm spacing with the elephant garlic at 30cm spacing.
I have heaps of room so I don't have to space closer and I am going to try sowing my other crops later this spring so the garlic should be out and the beds free for them when they are ready.

Today I divided and replanted a couple of beds of dividing onions/shallots.

Below are pictures of three sorts, and I will do the walking onions tomorrow.

I have a couple of varieties that I have not seen anywhere else, or been able to find names for so I will be trying to build up my stocks to sell them later. I just hope I don't lose them this winter when the wet comes. I nearly did last year when most of them rotted.

I have been building some raised beds for the rhubarb and asparagus to try and get them through the wet winter better.

Whew, eight raised beds in two days, it is a lot of work with a hoe, especially when there is also many other jobs to do too.

They have been limed and are ready to be planted in May. Since this is a new area I am expecting a lot of weeds and running grasses to pop up so I have done the beds early to get rid of them as they grow. They should be clean by the time it is ready to plant.

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