Thursday, February 15, 2018

Corn and watermelons

Ahhhh, a few days of cooler weather, thank goodness. Time to get out and do some work.
I have the markets on this weekend, and as soon as they are done I will get stuck into planting some brassicas for winter. I know I said I wouldn't be growing brassicas again but when I have spare seed I might as well put it in just in case we get a mild and dry winter/spring.

 With most of my corn being destroyed in the heatwave in January I am happy that at least the Gless Gem has done ok. It was planted in the only tiny patch of good soil that I have and it made a big difference.

I know it is fairly useless, in Australia that is where we don't go in for ornamental vegetables, but it is very pretty.
 I have nearly lost a whole row of melons that were looking very good until a few days ago. The cockatoos have decided to play with them and destroy them.
I think I will have to put a net over them if I can find a spare one. I have to net the sorghum shortly but hopefully I can spare a bit for these melons.

It has been a few years since I last grew this little, yellow fleshed watermelon 'Sunshine' from Hungary.
I thought I had better put some in this year before the seed got too old.

You might recall in one of my posts not long ago where I mentioned that the cockatoos started to eat one of my watermelons, well it was this one. At least I will have a couple of melons for fresh seed.

I have also been harvesting some asparagus seed. I hate that job as they berry sap causes me to get very itchy all over, especially my face. At least that is done now until next year.
I have decided to also grow the purple variety 'Purple Passion' as it is so delicious, so I will have two asparagus varieties for seed.

Not much else is happening for now as the soil is too dry to work but in six weeks when the heat is gone I will be busy rotary hoeing for the garlic and broad beans. I am going to grow a lot more broad beans this winter to try and get more nitrogen and organic matter into the soil. I will also be buying a few big bales of straw to spread on some of the beds - it makes a huge difference.

Straw for mulch does not work well here but it is great to have on the beds over winter to rot in before planting starts again in October.

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