Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Okra and Lovers Lunch tomato

Although I lost most of my crops there are a few that don't seem to mind the heat at all. Most of these had a hard time at first when sown or planted because we had nights that were too cold for them up till the first week in Jan so I lost most of them, but I did get a few going.

 This is the first year that I have tried growing okra. I put in a heap of varieties but many of them didn't make it through the cold nights. I have four left.

This pic is of 'Becks Big Horn'. I managed to keep about 20 plants going so it is the toughest of all the ones I tried. The plants are big and healthy.

This one is 'Louisianny Long Pod'. I have about 8 plants of this variety and they are just starting to fruit now.

I tried cooking an okra pod last night. I cut it in rounds, sprinkled with salt and pepper and fried till golden. IT WAS GOOD.

You hear all the bad stories about this vegetable but I was certainly surprised at how tasty it was. The flavour was a bit like zucchini but much better tasting and robust.

I only have a couple of small plants each of the other two varieties that survived 'Jing Orange' and 'Abigails Coffee'.

I managed to get two plants of this tomato 'Lovers Lunch' to survive to a point where they produced ripe fruit. I love the colour and the flavour is good too.
The green and red stripes are very eye catching so I will definitely grow a heap more next year.

I just hope I get a couple more fruits off the plants before they die so I can have a few more seeds.

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