Thursday, July 13, 2017

Getting ready for spring

There is still not much happening at the moment so you will have to forgive the very sporadic blogging.

I know that it is still quite a while till I start planting in October but since I am adding so much more growing area this year I have already started mowing a few more acres so I can get the grass sprayed and beds made.

I will not be able to afford the irrigation to this area but if the season is mild I should be able to get crops of watermelon and corn off it as they don't need much water.
The main problem will be trying to destroy all the crab grass and couch which is so hard to kill - and of course the rabbits and kangaroos coming up from the river nearby.

 I have a few seed grown rhubarb plants that I sowed just because I had some seed left over. Most of them will be pulled out later as they are not good enough but I notice that one plant has these pretty, feathery flowers and so I am leaving it just to see what the flowers do. Rhubarb flowers are tightly packed as they come out and this one just caught my eye.

This year I am growing a new variety of rat-tailed radish called 'Singara'. The pods are very long and more mild and tender than the other variety that I normally grow.

I am impressed with the flavour as it does not seem to be as harsh as my usual one.