Thursday, June 29, 2017

Work trip and rain forests, part 1

Well I have just got back from my 11 day trip up north to drop off some seed and visit my seed buying customers and a few other potential customers for the future. I learned a lot about the current state of the industry and although there are some problems (mainly government regulation and global warming) there is a lot of room for opportunities as long as things are done right.

The weather was clear and warm for the whole trip which was a bit of a change from last year, and I managed to miss some of the long, narrow, very slow mountain roads that I found myself on last time.

After the cyclone a few weeks ago there was a lot of road damage and land slips from the heavy rain (more rain in two days that I get in two years) so there were a lot of delays with road works for the whole trip.

 I seem to have only taken pics of the mountains with settled valleys but there is a lot of rugged mountains with no houses or cleared land also.

The most frustrating problem with travelling in these areas is that you can't get anywhere fast. If you want to go somewhere over the next valley 10kms away you have to go right around on these tiny, narrow roads, negotiating two way traffic on one lane roads, with land slips thrown in. You end up driving two hours and 60km to go just 10km as the crow flies.
You have to be patient, or have a helicopter.

The great dividing range is beautiful and vast, running a huge line down the East coast of Australia. I am surprised that there are few roads through it, and those that are are so narrow.

At one point I found myself accidently on the wrong side of the range and had to drive nearly 100km over the mountains to get to the other side, it was so tiring. You can't even look at the scenery as you have to concentrate so hard on the road.

The sides of the roads are mostly sheer drops and in Queensland there are no barriers so you have to be very careful when you have to try and let another car coming the other way pass.
Last year a lady didn't return home and searchers took two days to find out where she ran off the road where I was driving. She was found alive which is not what often happens. Who knows how many cars and bodies are at the bottoms of these cliffs.

There is a rule to follow when you meet a car coming the other way - the car on the 'up' cliff must squeeze over and make room for someone on the 'drop' side as they are at the most risk. You have to look ahead when you can as there are not many places you can squeeze over.

I loved the trip though, even if it seems like I didn't. I gave myself a few extra days so I didn't have to hurry and I wish I had enough money to stay away another week.

I met a lot of really nice and interesting people.

Tomorrow I will write about my walks in the rainforests.

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