Friday, May 5, 2017

Slowing down for winter

Sorry it has been a while, there is not much happening besides weeding and harvesting the last of the capsicums. Soon I will be digging my chufa but they are still a week or two off.
We had out first light frost this morning which is quite late but I am glad as my oca is only just tuberising now. It is also late which suggests to me that although day length is the main driver for oca tuberising, there is probably something else at play also.

 With a couple of nice days I decided to make new benches for my parents greenhouse. The old, metal benches were so rusted out that they were falling apart.

It is very easy to make benches, all you need is a few treated pine posts, some other timber to hold up the tops and an electric driver and screws. Getting enough boards to make the tops was the hardest thing and I think I might have to buy some to finish off one of the benches.

They don't take long to do so I thought I had better do them now before winter makes it too cold and wet and I will rather stay indoors, lol.

These benches are 7 metres long and one metre wide and after I finish the last of the three I think I will have racked up a bit of good will. My mother is already pleased and has already loaded one of them up with young cyclamens in pots.
I will make another bench underneath to hold empty pots when I get the materials later.

I am really looking forward to going on my annual trip up north to chat with my seed buyers next month. That trip is basically the cut off between work and my three months off.

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