Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Diploid potatoes, and autumn food plants dying down

We are in the middle of a last run of warm weather it seems with a few days of 25-28 degrees. After tomorrow it should cool down and become more autumn-like.

 Some of my diploid potato plants are starting to die down now. Here are a few of the tubers.

These are traditional potatoes from South America. They don't tend to grow large tubers like common potatoes but have much more diversity in shape, colours and flavour.

In a couple of weeks I should be able to harvest a few plants but I am keeping some in the ground until their seed pods ripen.

My oca plants are starting to tuberise now. I will have to look at my records but it seems to me that they are a bit late this year. I hope the frosts hold off a bit but I expect the first frosts within the next couple of weeks.

Luckily the tubers keep growing while the plants die down from the cold so I will still get tubers but they might not be large this year.

My water chestnuts are also dying down now so I will start harvesting them in a couple of weeks.

I left far too many tubers in the tubs to regrow so they are too crowded. The tubers will probably be small.

Next year I will pull everything out and start again.

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