Friday, March 3, 2017

Mini gourds and capsicums

With the hot days continuing I am doing my work early in the morning. After inspecting all the beds I put on the irrigation (on the days that it is needed) and get stuck into picking the snake beans - they dry out properly during the day and in the evening I can thresh them and clean the seed. I am getting a great bush snake bean harvest this year. I then go around and pick anything else that is ready for seed like melons and tomatoes.

I got notice today that my business name trademark has been accepted - it has been 6 months but we can't hurry these things, lol.  Garden Larder ™  ( I am allowed to use the ® symbol in two months when I get the paperwork in the mail). Now I am protected against anyone else in Australia using my business name to trade in plants and seeds.

 I usually only grow mini capsicums but this year I planted a new one (for me) called 'Round of Hungary'.
They are just starting to colour up now. I don't know anything about them but they look interesting, flattened and fluted.
They seem to be pretty heat tolerant and productive though the plants would be better if I had some afternoon shade over them I think. They are pretty small.

I love growing gourds but with the very late start to spring I could not plant the 'normal' sized ones with a surety that they would ripen before frost as they have a very long growing season. I did plant a few mini gourds though.
This mini spoon (top pic) and the mini bottle.
The mini bottles are great painted and used as Christmas tree decorations.

They are really late setting fruit but at least I will have fresh seed for growing more next year. I will try to get a few of all my gourd varieties going next year, as well as some loofah which I always have trouble growing for some reason.

I am busy picking all the Luxury Winter Pie pumpkins which were about the only ones which grew well this year. I already have a buyer for the seed from a market gardener who was impressed with the taste last year.

This one came equal first in my pumpkin tasting tests and I will be growing it every year.

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