Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mini capsicums and finger eggplants

Time has really got away from me lately, sorry.

I have been really busy weeding as well as bring in capsicums and corn for seed processing. The weather has cooled down now which is lovely so I have also been getting out some more brassica seeds to fill up some spare beds and it won't be too long now till I will start on planting poppies and broad beans - so busy.
I am looking forward to having lower water bills. With the temps now down to less than 20 degrees I will be irrigating only once a week instead of twice until the winter rains come.

 I have been processing mini capsicums by the bucketload. I grow three colours of mini capsicum - red, orange and chocolate. My few yellow seeds didn't germinate this year and since they can't be imported and I don't know of anyone in Australia who grows them I think I am now just stuck with the three.
I have found this year that an apple corer is just the right size for coring them which makes the process much faster than cutting off the tops with a knife and scooping out the seeds. Next year I must invest in a suitable food processor to make it faster but for now it isn't too hard to do them in the evening when I have nothing else to do.

I love these little capsicums, they are so prolific and cute, as well as being sweet and easy to cook with. You don't have to core and seed them, I just cut the tops off, chop in half and add to dishes, but if you want to, as I have said, an apple corer makes the prep quick and easy.

Although I had trouble germinating them this spring because it was so cold I am happy with the amount of seed I will have from the plants I have.

This year I am growing three colours of 'Fingers' eggplant. These are cute little eggplants that are great for 'gourmet' cooking, or just cut in half and throw on a grill.
I have purple, white and green types. They are all fruiting now so it will not be long till I will be harvesting those.

The plants are tough and only about 90cm tall so I guess they would go well in pots. The seeds are really popular at my market stall so I think many people just want smaller plants for their tiny gardens, As well as the cuteness factor, lol.

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