Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Time to get back into regular blogging

Ok, so the weather has fined up a bit and although everything is still a bit boggy I can at least walk on the blocks so I have started planting the melons and pumpkins. I have also started planting out a few more fruit trees.
Unfortunately with the bad weather so far it looks like most people are not going to get any fruit of their trees and no fruit has set. The parrots are going to go hungry this year, lol.

I have been putting a heap of capsicums, eggplants and similar seeds in trays and they will be coming up shortly. After tonights frost I will start getting the oca and other tuber crops out in the beds also.

Last weekend I had a stall at the Horsham Spring Festival. I only took half the money I did last year which was very disappointing.
The weather was fine but there were less stalls and fewer people came through the gate than last year. I hope it improves next time.

Here is a pic of the part where I was set up and you can see how bare it was.

I enjoyed myself anyway though I spent too much on junk food like always.

My mothers 70th birthday was the day before the Horsham Festival.
I made her this chocolate cake and invited a few of her childhood friends to come out to the pub for lunch. It was great.

It is not a long post but I will be out working all day for the next couple of weeks on the blocks so I will take a heap of photos and start blogging again every few days.
There are heaps of things to write about now that work is starting.

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