Saturday, October 22, 2016

Camo Oakheart lettuce, new shed and more

It looks like we will finally get a week with little to no rain so I am taking advantage of it to make a start on my new seed drying shed.

It might shower tonight so I just took down the shelving and placed the relatively rain proof items outside. Tomorrow I will bring it all out. I put an ad on the local Facebook group to try and get someone to help move the heavy cupboards outside but so far no-one has replied.

The man who is doing the cement floor will be here sometime next week so I have to have everything out by tomorrow night, and hope it doesn't rain in the meantime.

They are still small but I am very pleased with my new 'Camo Oakheart' lettuce seedlings. They are beautiful with all sorts of colourations, much more beautiful in person than this shot shows.
I can't wait till they get bigger.

It is hard to find pictures of this variety from Wild Garden Seed so I will have to take my own, but it also great sense of anticipation.

 My seedling bearded iris are coming out now. I must do more hand pollinating this year. They are so much fun to grow from seed. It is a two year wait to see what you have but it is always a surprise.

At long last some of my poor garlic plants are starting to make scapes. Everything is so late this year with the cold, wet weather so I don't think I will be digging them until Christmas this year.

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