Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's so wet I can't get on my blocks

Although I am thankful for the unusual amount of rain we have had this month - breaking the drought and filling the dams and soil, it is still a bit trying as I am so impatient to get my spring planting done but it is just too wet. It will be very delayed as I predict that the soil won't be firm enough to do anything with for at least a couple of weeks of sunny weather.
The soil is such a bog that I can't even step on it to do any digging or weeding, and our town and the next had flooding in their lower parts. Many shops and houses were flooded but luckily for me I live on a hill.

Many of the crops I had in the ground for seed have rotted but these purple asparagus are bravely doing their thing. At least it is nice to see some life in the ground. The green asparagus are also starting to show themselves.

I find the purple asparagus tastier than the green but I will continue to grow both.

My pots of oca tubers from last years seedlings are sprouting strongly and I wish I could get them in the ground but they will just have to wait.

At least these are a bit better going in late in that they don't seem to suffer as much stem rot later in the season when they are put in later.

I have a few trays of seedlings germinating but at least it will be another month till they will be ready, no hurry there.

These are some mixed colour lettuce seedlings. I have not grown lettuce for a few years but I am keen to try them again.

I have a few new colours of ulluco to try, and they are also wanting to get in the ground.

This year I am going to try mulching some of them, though they did fine with no mulch last year. I am a bit worried that the slugs and snails will get at them if mulched, but I won't know if I don't try.

I am looking forward to being able to offer quite a few colours in a couple of years.

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