Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weedmat experiment

It is still damp and cloudy so I am not getting anything done so I think I might have a break from my posting for a couple of weeks. There is still three months of doing nothing til planting time in spring so I will be struggling to find things to write about.
Next month my sister is having another baby so I will be there with limited internet for three weeks and that will also stop my posting, you will have to be patient.

 I am not able to keep up with the weeds properly so I thought I would do a little experiment. I put down a couple of rows of weed mat over the weeds to see if it would do a good job of killing them.

I used 'normal' weedmat on one row (the right) and the geo fabric that I like on the other to see if there will be a difference.
I prefer the geofabric because it is easy to handle and doesn't fray but the weedmat is half the price and lasts longer.
I decided to put it over the living weeds to see if it would kill them and let them decompose into the soil and feed the worms as when you put normal weedmat on bare soil it can cause the soil to go a bit stale, though not as bad as solid plastic.

Sorry this is so short, I really have nothing more to talk about.

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