Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ulluco, new fence and oca

With a few lovely sunny days I was able to get quite a bit of weeding and other work done. I finished digging the yacon that I have to take up to my buyer this weekend and sprayed the fencelines. It was a really good week. Now we are having some wild and wintery weather and I can comfortably sit inside in the warmth. Many parts of Eastern Australia are flooding so I think the drought is finely over.

 My Ulluco has not quite died down yet but I did dig up a few tubers so I could take a picture and show people.
I have three varieties - aren't they colourful?

I did cook and eat a couple. They taste just like beetroot and I really enjoyed them. I can't wait to grow a whole lot of them next season.

I finely got the new fence up so my neighbours sheep can't get in any more. Apart from some broad beans I did not plant any autumn beds this year as the sheep were eating everything.

That is a load off my mind.

I have pulled up the few oca seedlings that survived this year. There is a nice selections of colour but not as good as last year. I really like the very dark red one.

The tubers are small because the plants were suffering so it will be another year before I can evaluate them on production.

Two of the varieties of broad beans I put in this year are flowering while still tiny. I think it is because of the poor soil so I have fertilised them to see if that makes them grow a bit more.
They are looking fine aside from their small size.

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  1. This way I am using both sides of the fence for peas and beans - maybe squash later.
    Another set of old guttering added to the top of the supporting posts to grow lettuce/salad type food.
    The inspiration for this came from a photo in the US I believefence boards