Monday, June 20, 2016

Selecting Vivid Choi for bulbs

Well, I have recovered from 10 days of travelling and had to get back to work today. I did some spraying, watering and selecting my Vivid Choi for bulbing.

 I find that most people consider Vivid Choi to be too strong in taste for their liking but some of the plants produce small bulbs which are much milder in flavour.

I have been selecting over the past couple of seasons for plants with the same great colours but also producing useful sized bulbs. I am still trying to get bigger bulbs but here is the result of this growing period.

I grew one bed of choi from the 20 or so plants that I selected for bulbing last summer and today went out and pulled up the bed.
I selected the 14 plants with the biggest bulbs and also with the full range of leaf and petiol colours to grow on for seed in spring.

I figure it will take a few more growing seasons to get the bulbs bigger but each time there will be a bigger percentage of plants with bulbs.

I also got into the weedy garlic beds and cleaned out the beds of weeds. They look so much neater now.
This bed is almost finished and looks much better.

I am not expecting too much from my garlic this year considering the state of the soil - I must take another soil sample in soon to see how much change there has been from last year.

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