Friday, May 13, 2016

Ulluco, rain and a good season to come

I am feeling great, we have had a couple of inches of rain over the past couple of weeks and the long range forecast says we have a good chance of average to above average rain for winter - maybe the drought has broken, yay.

I have lots of seedlings coming up and the Red-legged Earth Mites are in low numbers this year so I should be able to keep on top of them. There is lots to smile about. Maybe the river will even begin to flow soon :)

 Here is a small bed of beetroot seedlings. Not much to look at yeat but a sign of a good winter growing season. Just need to thin a bit more and fin in a few gaps and the bed should look good in a month.

With the frosts still holding off it is giving the seedlings a good start.

I have started harvesting my hopniss (American Ground Nut or Apios americana). This is a delicious tuberous climber native to North America.

I have also started harvesting the chufa. I didn't grow much this year and I don't know if I will have much to sell as I have developed quite an addiction to boiled chufa, they tastes just like almonds and I love almonds. I can eat a bowl full of chufa easily in front of the TV.

My Ulluco are doing much better than the oca this year and are starting to develop their tubers. You can see the long horizontal stems that produce stolons that go into the soil and produce tubers on the ends.
The plants are susceptible to earth mites but very little else has damaged them this growing season. The leaves taste like lettuce and I eat them as I walk around. I hope the tubers are also as tasty.

I have almost a total failure of the oca crop and will have to start almost from scratch next year. I will be heavily mulching all the oca beds next season as they did so well under mulch last year.

lesson learned.

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