Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Silver edge pumpkin and habanero chillis

With a bit more rain I am starting to think that the drought might be broken. I know that a week or two worth of rain does not a drought break but to have it this early in the season has to be a good sign... doesn't it?
Anyway it feels right and I am hoping that this coming year will be much better weather wise. I am getting into the swing of things and feeling quite happy at how things are going. I think I can put the hoses away for the winter :)

 My few Habanero chillis are ripening now. I don't usually grow chillis but thought I would give this one a go as one of my buyers wanted it. Unfortunately most of the plants died over the summer so I will only have enough seed to replant.
They look great but I was a bit of a fool and thought I could take out the seeds carefully so I wouldn't have to go into town to buy gloves. That was a VERY bad idea.
I tried to be careful but still manages to get a bit of juice on my hands and rubbed my eye - yow (swollen and painful face for hours), put my finger in my mouth and instantly regretted it. I washed my hands before going to the toilet... but it wasn't enough.
All in all I spent a very painful day. I will get gloves before I deseed the next handful.

A much easier plant to get along with is celtuce. I love celtuce and sit in front of the TV munching on it when I have some spare. This is a type of lettuce grown for its big, juicy stem rather than its leaves.

I have three beds in but I think I might put in a couple more and see if they mature over the winter.

I have staretd harvesting the seeds of my Silver Edge Pumpkin. These pumpkins are grown for the big seeds rather than for the flesh which is practically inedible.
The seeds are used for pepitas and for crushing for oil. They are not hulless but the kernals are easy to remove from the seed hull.

Quite a few of the seeds had started to germinate inside the fruits so I picked them out and fried them to eat. Too bad I gave some to my parents to try and they ate the lot. They really are very tasty just fried and a tiny bit of salt added. Here is a pic of a small handful on a plate to show you.

At least these plants produced a decent amount of seed this year, unlike just about everything else.

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