Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Random pics and update

With so little happening on the blocks at the moment I am just taking random pictures to post.

We had a nice lot of rain yesterday, there were even a couple of puddle on the lawn - it has been a long time since we have seen that. The long range agricultural forcast tell us that there is a good chance of normal winter rainfall this year which I am looking forward to.

 I had some left over Falstaff Brussels sprouts seeds a few months ago I I planted some of them, they are making sprouts now. I was not going to plant this variety again as they are so small and I still don't know why I grew them. Oh well I will let them flower and collect the seed. Maybe someone will want them.

 My broad beans are coming up nicely through the corn stems which I laid down in the rows. I did wonder if the corn would attract mice which would eat the bean seeds but I have almost 100% germination so I guess it wasn't a problem after all.

The soil is so poor that I am hoping that by laying all the corn rubbish on the rows it will have rotted down by the time the broad beans are ready to pick and that will improve the soil. I will do the same with the bean stems after picking too. The more organic matter the better.

My Silver Edge pumpkiins are dying down now so I will have to get into taking the seeds out of the fruit shortly.

The fruit is not good to eat and it is grown for the large seeds which are used for eating and oil.

These are large and sprawling plants and not really very productive in their seed bearing but since I have plenty of room I thought I would renew my seed stash, and hopefully have some to sell.

I have been looking into the building of my seed drying room. After going to council to find out the rules for keeping a shipping container I realised that it would end up costing way more than I can afford. I would have to get building and planning permits, build a roof over it, slab, and then the cost of the solar system to power the dehumidifier.
I thought about getting a truck body, and also having a mouseproof room built in the shed and they are all too expensive.

I have decided that all I can afford is to line one of the rooms in the old shearing shed with mouseproof mesh, then line it with coolroom panels. Then I can afford the solar. It will not be pretty but it will have to do. I don't have a choice as I am getting more and more seed, too much to use the house for drying in.

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